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Focus interview on Peter Rensch, editor in chief at Bankmagazin

Peter Rensch
Peter Rensch
Bankmagazin is one of the biggest banking magazines in Germany.

FeaturesExec has asked Peter Rensch to tell us more about Bankmagazin and himself.


What makes Bankmagazin different from other publications in this sector?

Bank magazine is joined independently, has the highest subscription circulation in this sector and is aimed at all three pillars of the banking sector. Moreover, Bankmagazin is just really good.

What’s the greatest moment in the history of Contact Management Magazine so far?

The successful relaunch in 2007. And each issue that appears.

Do you produce a features list? If not, why not?

We do, in order to give advertisers an overview of the contents.


Do you work closely with PRs or do you keep them at arm's length?

We work closely together with PR agencies. And these work very closely together with us (See number of mails).

Do you have any advice for PRs?

To make suggestions that fit to the specific topics of the respective publication. And to understand that no one wants to read PR waffling.

What information from PRs do you find useful?

Mediation of business partners and information on trends.


What does your job involve?

Topic planning, leadership, planning, design and facilitation of congresses. And developing ideas about print-online strategies.

What do you love about your job?

The contact with people.

What lead you to become editor in chief for Contact Management Magazine?

As a banker, one can not pass Bankmagazin.

What was your first job?


Which person would you like to meet?

Josef Ackermann jogging.

If you could choose to be someone else for one day – who would that be?

A media planner to book bank magazine with lots of ads for a year.