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Focus on Terres de Cognac with Managing editor Gérard Seguin

Gérard Seguin
Gérard Seguin
Terres de Cognac is a bimonthly magazine on cognac production. Managing editor Gérard Seguin talks about the relationship the magazine has with freelancers and tells us more about his work for the magazine.

About Terres de Cognac:

Who reads Terres de Cognac and how many readers are there?
Terres de Cognac is aimed at all professionals from the cognac industry: winegrowers from the Charente and Charente-Maritime region of course, but also other professionals linked to this industry: suppliers in the winegrowing sector, services, brokers, wholesalers, etc. About 5,000 people read it.

What subjects do you cover?
We cover both the upstream (production) and downstream sides of the cognac industry (from the vine stock to the bottle, and to the vineyard to the market), compared to the other magazine specialised in wine growing in the region (Le Paysan Vigneron). We focus less on the technical subjects, and more on everything linked with communication, packaging, men in this industry, companies, etc.

About PRs:

Do you work closely with PRs (e.g. for supplements, round tables, events) or will you keep them at arm’s length?
We certainly work with PR services.

When is the magazine released ?
We publish 6 issues a year (and one special issue). We always publish it around the 15th of the second month (15th February, etc.) except in July/August, where publication is earlier (end of July).

About freelance journalists:

Do you regularly call freelance journalists? Why?
We work with freelancers because the magazine is only published every two months, which raises the issue of “profitability” of a permanent journalist. And this also allows us to call specialists from this industry who know the Charentes and cognac wine-growing sector.
No more than three people are working regularly for the editorial of Terres de Cognac, as well as myself (Editor in chief) and journalists from weekly magazines from our publishing company: La Vie Charentaise (16) and the other publication now associated with the making and circulation of the magazine: l’Agriculteur charentais (17)

About you:

Tell us more about your career path
Bordeaux journalism school and then I specialised in the agricultural and viticultural trade press.

What do you do at Terres de Cognac?
Running the magazine (management, development, organisation), choosing the subjects, watching the industry, writing portraits, magazines, etc. Leading debates on the cognac sector.