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Media interview on Doses with editor Rachelle Lemoine

Doses, mai 2011
Doses, mai 2011
Doses is a quarterly magazine focusing specifically on pharmaceutical and health product packaging. Editor in chief Rachelle Lemoine explains what she expects from PRs and tells us more about the relationships between the magazine and freelance journalists.

About the Doses:

Who reads Doses and how many readers are there?
Doses is aimed at marketing, purchase and packaging development departments of pharmaceutical labs as well as at all the packaging manufacturers that supply drug companies. This represents about 3,000 readers.

What subjects do you cover?
Doses focuses on health products packaging and processing. It considers/covers packaging through its marketing, packaging design, technical and regulatory aspects.

About PRs:

Do you work closely with PRs or will you keep them at arm’s length?
Not for the event part, however I am regularly in contact with PRs in order to find the right person within a company, likely to answer my questions according to the subjects covered in Doses.

Do you have a Features List? Why? Why not?
Yes. It allows us to anticipate some subjects.

How should a PR approach you about their client?
Either I don’t know their client and they are in the magazine target, I’ll be pleased to meet them and acquaint myself with their activity; or I already know them, and this is the occasion for a novelty, an innovation or a news story about the company, and I’ll be interested in meeting them.

What information/input from PRs is most useful to you?
All information on companies regarding economic matters, investments, mergers, innovations or launch of new ranges….

When is the best time for PRs to contact you?
At any time

When is the press day?
Doses is a quarterly magazine. Press day varies according to the issue. It is specified on the features list.

Do you have any advice for PRs?
That they enquire about the content of the magazine before offering anything. I unfortunately receive lots of information that I can’t deal with in Doses because it doesn’t correspond to our positioning.

About freelance journalists:

Do you regularly call freelancers? Why?
Yes. Historically, Dosas created itself around an Editor in chief and a team of three freelancers each focusing on specific sections. It’s almost been the same people for nearly ten years.

Do you like freelance journalists to get in touch with you directly to pitch ideas? And if so, how?
I have to admit that the freelance budget for Doses is very tight and calculated way upstream in order to ensure the financial balance of the magazine. That’s why apart from some articles from authors that are not paid, we almost never accept any more collaborations than the ones planned with the features list.

About you:

How did you reach the Editor in chief position at Doses?
Back then I was part of the publishing firm and Editor of another magazine when I was offered the Doses launching project.