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Media interview on Green Business with editor in chief Pierre-Henri Badel

Pierre-Henri Badel
Pierre-Henri Badel
Launched in June 2011, Green Business magazine intends to connect the various players in sustainable development. Although the project originally began before the Fukushima disaster, it fits in with today’s burning issues. Pierre-Henri Badel has recently taken over as editor in chief.

About the publication:

Who reads Green Business and how many readers are there?
Green Business covers the whole of renewable energies and sustainable development issues, including energy production, energy saving, building construction and renovation, natural resources conservation, project funding and training. The magazine has a circulation of 5,000 and is mainly aimed at professionals.

What makes you different from the other publications in your sector?
Green Business intends to be a link as well as a debate and information platform for all players involved in sustainable development, including political, economic, technical and scientific fields, in Switzerland and abroad. In this, Green Business is one of a kind within the French-speaking Switzerland media.

About PRs:

Do you work closely with PRs?
Why not. If they can bring an intelligent contribution to the debate on sustainable development and if those contributions fit with the spirit, the approach and the outline defined by the publisher and the editorial team.

What type of information given by PR specialists can be useful to you?
All the original information regarding events, innovations or original creations related to sustainable development.

How should a PR approach you about their clients?
They can send us a short text describing their client’s products, innovations or creations. The editorial team will decide if the information is of any interest for the readers.

About freelancers:

Do you regularly call for freelance journalist?
Yes, occasionally. And the more the magazine develops, the more we will call for them. Once more, the articles should be original, and match the magazine approach and philosophy.

Do you like freelance journalists to get in touch with you directly to pitch ideas?
Of course, but they will be accepted only if they match our philosophy and themes tackled in our various issues. The freelance journalist should just send us a brief synopsis of the chosen subject.

About you:

What led you to become editor for Green Business?
I have been working as a specialised journalist for a long time and I held the editor in chief position for several specialised publications. Originally, I studied at Geneva engineering school. In view of my writing skills, I naturally went to specialised journalism.

What do you love most about your work?
It is the contact with people, the possibility of discovering something new every day, the various issues to solve everyday, the duty to innovate and to try out new ideas.

What are your projects and wishes for the future of Green Business?
Since the launch of Green Business, we noticed that governments and people principally worry about economic issues. Those problems monopolize the discussions within the consumer media and therefore ecology is set aside. Very few politicians have realised that environmental protection turns out to be an enormous potential for economic growth, a source of employment on a local point of view, a favourable subject for research and development leading to added value for national economies. The current economic crisis can find profitable solutions promoting sustainable development. We hope that in this context, Green Business will mobilize political, academic and industrial awareness.