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Media interview with Michael Brunn, editor in chief at E&E FASZINATION ELEKTRONIK.

Michael Brunn
E&E is the specialist publication for electronics & electronic development.

FeaturesExec has asked Michael Brunn to tell us more about at E&E FASZINATION ELEKTRONIK and himself.


What makes E&E FASZINATION ELEKTRONIK different from other publications in this sector?

The eye catcher is the title which stands out from all competitors. Also when you look into one of the issues you can see that there is something completely different.

We want to give our readers not only a content but also a visual fascination. Therefore, we rely on a layout that resembles general interest titles and we work with an exceptional visual language and lots of white space. We want to irritate the reader positively. Contents wise we also moved away from a traditional technical paper and rely on our own editorial formats which are unique. There are still some technical features but most of the articles we write by ourselves.

E&E Faszination Elektronik is also not only a magazine, but a media concept with four main sections (print, newsletters, Compendium, web page) which complement each other and result in an optimal package of information for electronics designers.

What’s the greatest moment in the history of E&E FASZINATION ELEKTRONIK so far?

We started the relaunch in the time of the economic crisis and we not only survived, but we also developed very well. And from an editorial point of view, for me each new issue is the highlight.

Do you produce a features list? If not, why not?

We have features list for both the print issue as well as for the E&Eweek. This is a rough concept on which advertisers and PR professionals can orientate. We create a detailed features list for each issue later; exciting topics appear often last minute.


Do you work closely with PRs or do you keep them at arm's length?

Basically, I think a personal distance is appropriate – but this doesn’t exclude a close collaboration.

Do you have any advice for PRs?

It is always helpful if you really know the medium. In addition, PR manager and agencies should consider themselves as service providers and work accordingly.

What information from PRs do you find useful?

I would be delighted if PR people would deal more with our concept and would adjust their information services more to our concept. Apart from that, I'm looking forward to suggestions and criticism.


What does your job involve?

I am responsible for both the strategy and development of the media concept as well as practical implementation. From finding topics to writing articles to the layout I'll take care of almost everything.

What do you love about your job?

The work is extremely varied. And it's very exciting to discover the latest technologies and the people behind it.

What lead you to become editor in chief for E&E FASZINATION ELEKTRONIK?

I have been asked.

What was your first job?

Section Editor fo Internet the German magaziner PC Intern/Data Becker.

Which person would you like to meet?

I think that most people, who are admired, are in reality quite a disappointment.

If you could choose to be someone else for one day – who would that be?

I have never thought about this question.