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Focus Interview on Der Aktionär with editor in chief Michael Lang

Michael Lang
Michael Lang
Der Aktionär is a German stock exchange magazine by Börsenmedien AG. The editorial team provides information on promising shares, funds and certificates of the stock exchange on a weekly basis. The magazine targets primarily interested stock exchange operators.

FeaturesExec has asked editor in chief Michael Lang to tell us more about Der Aktionär and himself.

About the publication:

What makes Der Aktionär different from other publications in this sector?
Der Aktionär takes its readers by the hand and leads them through the complicated events at the stock exchange. Der Aktionär provides therefore not only classical business reports but also gives precise recommendation, so its readers can profit from the developments of the stock market. We cover the section shares as well as funds and derivatives. So there is information for every investor - no matter whether they are conservative or speculative minded.

What has been the greatest moment in the history of Der Aktionär?
Certainly the year 2000, on the climax of the new market economy, regarding the circulation number. Due to the price rally of the entire market, suddenly a broad public was interested in the stock market. But in the eleven years of the existence of the magazine there have been a couple of exciting events. For example there are various relaunches of the title, which brought the magazine forward, the last just three months ago.

Do you produce a detailed features list?
We provide editorial calendars with specials for potential advertisers and PR agencies. The cover stories are difficult to plan ahead at a stock exchange magazine like Der Aktionär. These are usually finalised on short notice and related to the current development of the share market.

About PRs:

Do you work closely with PRs or do you keep them at arm's length?
The cooperation belongs to the business. Generally we have had a good experience with PRs. Of course the cooperation works best if both parties can profit from it.

Do you have any advice for PRs?
Out of their own interest, they should look closely into the medium which they are targeting. They should bear in mind when the editorial deadline of the magazine is and who the best editorial contact is. This makes joint projects much easier. But I should mention that this worked mostly well in the past.

Which information from PRs do you find useful?
This cannot be generalised and depends on the market. There is the right time and the right place for each information.

About you:

What does your job involve?
In addition to the editorial work the most interesting aspects of my work are the strategic enhancements of the print title Der Aktionär and the development of additional services in the online sector. Not forgetting the close cooperation with our sister company, the Deutschen Anleger Fernsehen (German Investor TV), which the editorial team of Der Aktionär has been instrumental in developing.

What do you like most about your job?
To manage a successful and dynamic team is possibly the most challenging task. At the same time it is a special satisfaction to see how you can make a difference together with the team.

What lead you to become editor in chief for Der Aktionär?
I started in autumn 2000 directly after university as an editorial member at Der Aktionär. I have been involved in the realignment of the magazine of the last seven years, first as managing editor and later as deputy editor in chief. On the 1 July 2007 I took over from Olaf Hordenbach as editor in chief at Der Aktionär.

What was your first job?
Apart from some internships at banks and companies, I am a home-grown talent of the publisher. Since the beginning of my job at Der Aktionär I have also been writing for other publications of Börsenmedien AG.