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Focus interview with Reinhard Ebner, editor in chief at Elektrojournal

Reinhard Ebner
Reinhard Ebner
Austrian Elektrojournal is a specialist magazine for the electronics industry which targets electrical companies and lightning protection engineers as well as departments, public authorities and professional schools throughout the whole of Austria. The magazine covers events in the sector, and product innovations within household appliances, entertainment electronics, telecommunications as well as light engineering and building services. In addition, it reports regularly on market movements, trade fairs and new business fields as well as trends in the goods segment and strategies of industrial partners.

FeaturesExec has asked Reinhard Ebner to tell us more about Elektrojournal and himself.


What makes Elektrojournal different from other publications in this sector?
Elektrojournal is the only magazine that mingles trade and business within the electronics industry. Furthermore, it combines monthly reporting in the print issue with up-to-date online news, which is also sent to decision makers via a newsletter. The direct connection with the readers as well as industry players and thus the resulting expressive editing of current issues is what makes the magazine so unique.

What’s the greatest moment in the history of Elektrojournal so far?
The greatest moment for Elektrojournal is always the most recent one. In the online sector especially, Elektrojournal can refer to numerous exclusive news stories that have been picked up by news agencies and daily papers only at a later point in time.

Do you produce a features list? If not, why not?
No, we focus deliberately on the dynamics of current events. Only in early spring (issue 7-8) we produce a features issue as our readers have more time and leisure to deal with strategic questions in the quieter summer months. The topic this year is: “How to cut off a bigger slice of the cake.” In times of retrogressive sales, the one who puts on market shares wins.


Do you work closely with PRs or do you keep them at arm's length?
We like working with PRs as long as it is about product information on novelties and professional photo material.

Do you have any advice for PRs?
Don’t be so reserved. It’s the editorial team that decides in the end what’s useful anyway. The level of activity in the PR sector differs in our industry. The PRs in the telecommunication sector are very active, and those dealing with household appliances are very quiet. A press trip or evening event every now and then is ok – however, not too many please!